Architectural Control

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Bonnie Sheill: (248) 444-3684
Edwin Worth: Contact the Secretary

The Architectural Control Committee has at least two purposes: to establish and preserve a harmonious design or look for Woodlands South and to protect the value of our property. When we bought into a community association, right or wrong, we all opted for community living. The rules and regulations of the association cannot be unilaterally ignored. One might disagree with the need for external uniformity, but if the association documents require such external uniformity that is the law of the association and it is binding on all co-owners. You should read our association documents carefully as they require that before a homeowner can make any alterations to the outside of a unit, the plans must be submitted to the Architectural Control Commitee. This committee is charged with determining if the proposed plans comply with the association requirements. There is a specific form which must be completed to submit a modification request to the Architectural Control Committee for review.  That form can be found here.