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Ongoing Construction

The Board asks your patience during this period of construction to install the well sprinkler system. Please do not interact with the construction crews! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Helene at Herriman 734-459-5440 While every effort is being made not to cut cable lines, we are at the mercy of… Read More »


Due to the ongoing construction for the well project, the Board has decided not to have mulch installed in the community this year.  They do advise residents, however, that you can install mulch at your home,  if you so choose.  According to the Rules and Regulations: “All mulch used in the additional landscaping must match… Read More »

Well Project Update

The following update was provided by Ed Worth, a Member of the Board, who has been spearheading the well project for the community: If you hadn’t guessed by all the flags popping up around the neighborhood, the contract for the well project has been signed. The contractor, Michigan Automatic Sprinkler, is planning on beginning work… Read More »

Return Your Ballots PLEASE

The Board of Directors has put forth an amendment to the By-Laws of the Association that will permit greater flexibility for investing the Association’s Reserve Funds. The proposed amendment still provides government protections while providing greater opportunity for increasing the yield on those investments. Please return your Ballots by April 30th to Herriman & Associates.… Read More »

January, 2019 Board Minutes

The Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for January 16, 2019 can be read by clicking here. Items discussed include but are not limited to: Well Project Entrance Maintenance Rules and Regulations Review

Amendment to Master Deed and Meeting

Just a reminder that the meeting to clarify the proposed amendment to the By-laws has been scheduled for: Tuesday, March 5th @ 7:00Township Hall The following explanation by Board Member John Shelar is a very good summary of what we are wanting to accomplish. “We are not investing our monies into any investments that are… Read More »

Sixth Amendment to Master-Deed

We all should have received in the mail a ballot to vote on the Sixth Amendment to the Master Deed. This amendment would permit the Board of Directors to invest in accounts that are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). For those who are not aware of this organization, much like the FDIC,… Read More »

Board of Directors Minutes

Board of Directors meeting minutes for the following two meetings can be read by clicking on the dates below: October 17, 2018 November 1, 2018 Please keep informed…..the proper functioning of our association is dependent upon the involvement of its community members. Some of the items discussed were: Increases in Reserve Fund contributions Well Project… Read More »

Matching Back Porch Lights

A number of homeowner’s have inquired about having a new light installed on the back of their units to match the new light fixtures being installed on the front of the units adjacent to the garages. Although the Board has chosen not to do so as a community, the company that has installed the front… Read More »