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Help Wanted

John Hill, one of our residents wrote: Even if I had a ladder that was high enough to fix ceiling lights in our cape cod, at my age I’d rather not climb one.  So, does anyone know of someone with a tall enough ladder to reach ceiling lights in the cape code model and is… Read More »

Cleaning Help Needed

One of our residents is looking for a reliable cleaning person who could clean their unit every two weeks. If you know of someone that you would recommend, please  Contact the Communications Committee    

Dog/House Sitter Wanted

We have a resident who is looking for an dog/house sitter.  He is looking for a resource to call for an occasional daily visit, but not on a definite schedule. Also someone who could stay in his condo and care for a six month old Doodle puppy and a ten-year old Poodle from last week… Read More »

Do you know a good finish carpenter?

One of our residents would like to install some crown molding in their living room.  As such, they are in need of a good finish carpenter. If you know of someone that you would recommend, please Contact the Communications Committee

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

One of your fellow residents is looking to enclose their porch and making it a three season living space.  If you have had this done and would recommend your contractor or provide other helpful information, please do us by completing the form which can be found by clicking here. As always thanks for your help!

Help Wanted

One of our residents is looking for a good cleaning lady. If you are using one and are satisfied with the service provided, please use the link below to provide their contact information and  we will forward it to the appropriate person. Contact the Communications Committee As always, thanks for your assistance.  

A Helping Hand for the Holidays

One of our residents, Maria Lyzen, would like to recommend a “Helping Hand”.  According to Maria, I have a caregiver that I have for my husband Michael….but she would like more hours and work than I can give her.  She is very good in taking care of Michael…but she does my laundry, cleans my house, etc. … Read More »