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A Gentle Reminder

According to Section  3B  of the Rules and Regulations: Seasonal items may be displayed and shall then be removed two weeks after the celebrated holiday.  Its a pretty nice weekend so now would be the perfect time to remove your holiday decorations to insure that you are in compliance. Source

Fall Reminders

Although the weather is forecast to be relatively warm this week, please do not put out your holiday decorations until after the final clean up of leaves by the landscape company.  This increases the amount of time required as they have to work around your decorations.  Additionally, the association will not be responsible for any… Read More »

Rules and Regulations Reminder

Just a reminder that bird feeders are not allowed. Rules & Regulations state that ” The feeding of any wildlife, including birds, is prohibited. Based on the history of building damage and potential health and safety issues, a $50.00 immediate fine will be assessed.”

A little consideration please!

source We all love our dogs and also enjoy interacting with our neighbor’s dogs while out on walks.  However, we request that all members of our community be responsible pet owners.  No only does that entail picking up after your dogs, but it also involves being considerate of your neighbors.  While an occasional bark is… Read More »

Santa is Watching You

Just a few reminders about some Rules and Regulations: Trash Containers Trash barrel “ should not be overflowing “ and lid should fit down tight.  We have had a lot of overflowing barrels on recycling day.  This results in loose items being blown down the streets. Packing peanuts are especially troublesome so put them in… Read More »

Updates to Rules and Regulations

There have been two updates to the Rules and Regulations both of which can be read by clicking on the links below. Section 8.2 Clarification of Deck Color/Wood Replacement  Section 21 Enclosed Porch-Decks (2 pages) Please be sure that you read and are familiar with these documents so as not to have any conflicts with the… Read More »

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Now that the weather is warming up, more of us are out walking our dogs.  Please be a responsible pet owners.  As a reminder the relevant sections of the rules and regulations relative to pet ownership are found in Section 4.3: Pet Rules Note that co-owners are responsible to ensure that their guests and family… Read More »