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Hello, Its Becky from Medicare. NOT!

The following is from the AARP Fraud Alert Network: We’ve learned that hundreds of thousands of robocalls have been hitting U.S. phone lines recently from “Becky, from Medicare.” You’ll want to skip this particular conversation.   How It Works A prerecorded call from “Becky from Medicare” (or Becky, working closely with Medicare) encourages you to… Read More »


If you receive an e-mail that has a “ZIP” file attached to it that references Woodlands, DO NOT OPEN THE ZIP FILE. In at least three instances, the body of the e-mail contained either a copy of a maintenance request to Herriman or a copy of an e-mail to Herriman within the body of the… Read More »

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide detectors can alert you of serious airborne poisoning. A carbon monoxide (CO) detector is an important safety device to have in your home. It can alert you to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can’t be detected by your senses but can cause severe illness with symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting. Make… Read More »

Lock it or Lose It

The Northville Township Police Department launched a “Lock It or Lose It” campaign last summer. While out on patrols, officers would leave a reminder card at homes where an unlocked car, window, house door or open garage door were found. 70% of larcenies in Northville occur with unlocked vehicles. Since June of 2019, officers have found 400 open… Read More »

Knox Box Home Emergency Access System

 The Northville Township Fire Department utilizes the Knox Home Box Residential Rapid Entry System to provide quick and efficient access to residential homes, condominiums and apartments in the Township. The Home Box allows the fire department to gain emergency access to your home without damaging your property. The Knox Home Box is great for anyone… Read More »

Practice home safety when you’re away on vacation

Woodland residents who are planning a vacation or extended stay away from their homes can take precautions to ensure their home is safe and secure while they are away. Notify the  Police Dept. of your vacation plans if you would like extra patrols around your home. You will need to complete a form (online or… Read More »

Online Shopping – Be Smart, Stay Safe

BEWARE OF TRICKS AND TACTICS DESIGNED TO GET YOU TO SPEND MORE Have you ever bought something online because a notice popped up suggesting that the viewed item was nearly sold out? Perhaps you’ve bought something under pressure of a timer that urged you to complete your purchase before the item is deleted from your… Read More »

Fire Safety in the Kitchen

The most common cause of house fires is from cooking. Here are some safety tips: • Don’t leave the stovetop unattended. • Set a timer as a reminder that something is cooking if you need to leave the kitchen for a short period of time. This is best for baking rather than when using the stovetop. • Don’t clutter the stovetop… Read More »

Break-in on Aspen Ridge

NTPD is investigating a home invasion on Aspen Ridge Dr. Home owners in the area are encouraged to check any home exterior cameras for any suspicious activity today between 4-6:30pm on Thursday September 17th.   Please contact NTPD with any information 248-349-9400. According to the neighbor of the house that was broken into, the perpetrators brazenly… Read More »