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Pot Hole Problems!

If you drive Sheldon Road northbound, you have probably had to dodge the large pot holes, approximately 3/4 of the way to Seven Mile on the East Side of the road. Please add your voices to our calls to the Wayne County Road Commission offices at 888-762-3373.  The last time Ken Coakley called he as… Read More »

Prepare for Winter Now

With winter weather quickly approaching, the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division is reminding Michiganders to make winter emergency preparedness a priority. Severe winter weather poses health and safety concerns with cold temperatures and the possibilities of freezing pipes, potential propane shortages and power outages. For more winter weather safety tips, connect… Read More »

Mail Theft Could Lead to Identity Theft

Local law enforcement agencies are seeing an increase in larceny complaints in which suspects have taken mail out of residential mailboxes. This may lead to identity theft and fraud, as the suspects use credit card and other personal information obtained from the stolen mail to make fraudulent purchases or commit other crimes using the victim’s… Read More »

Important Security Reminder

The following was published on “Next Door” and Fred Sheill suggested that it might be a timely reminder for us all: The video can be viewed by clicking below

Beware of a new scam involving computer software updates

Many people think they are savvy about phone scams, but some are hard to detect. The latest one involves computer software updates. In these instances, a targeted victim is contacted via text message regarding renewing a subscription for computer software. When the victim calls the number back, the caller convinces them to provide remote access… Read More »

Michigan’s Move Over Law Has Been Expanded

Michigan’s Emergency Vehicle Caution Law, more commonly known as the Move Over Law, requires motorists to slow down and move over for stationary emergency vehicles with their lights activated. This month, the law was amended to require that when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with its emergency lights activated, motorists must carefully slow down to… Read More »

Telephone Scam Alert

Residents should be aware of a telephone scam which involves a caller identifying themselves as an IRS representative who demands the transferring of money cards to them to avoid arrest. Recently a resident in a neighboring community received this scam call which showed the call originating from 248 349-5100 which is the Northville Police Department Administrative… Read More »


Are you transitioning from driving to not driving? Living in a state heralded as the birthplace of the automobile industry, our love of cars and the freedom they represent is part of our culture. The prospect of losing that independence can be frightening to the point where we may deny or delay taking any action.… Read More »

6 Mile and Beck Road Update

The Northville Township Police Department is aware of the concerns from residents about the Beck Road corridor. The Police Department has been following a traffic initiative, increasing patrols in that area. 80 of the nearly 140 traffic related directed patrols in the last month were on 6 Mile alone. 13 of the 47 total crashes… Read More »