The strength of Woodland South as a community lies in the effective volunteer efforts of its members.   While the ultimate responsibility for the affairs of our community falls on our Board of Directors, our committees lighten the load by focusing on specific tasks assigned by the board.   This allows our board to take advantage of the wide range of talents and expertise available among the Members of Woodlands South.  As an example, we have an architect that serves on our Architectural Control Committee and a Master Gardener who serves as the Chairperson of the Landscape Committee.
Although the committees of Woodlands South do not have the power of the board to make decisions or take actions, they assist the board by gathering information and making recommendations.  They further broaden the board’s knowledge and awareness of the pulse of the community — residents’ opinions, attitudes and desires.  They communicate, they work, they share, they party…they are Woodlands South.
There are currently four active committees in Woodlands South:

Committees allow our members to be actively involved in Woodlands South without the commitment which a Board position entails.  It’s also a great way to meet people who share a common interest, if you love to garden, join the Landscape Committee.  Even if you don’t want to be a member of a committee, you can just contact any committee and tell them that you have an interest in participating on one or two individual projects, on an as needed and as available basis.  Even “snow birds” can get in on the action that way.
You have some great neighbors.  Get involved, get to know them and help keep Woodlands a wonderful place to live!

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”
–Lily Tomlin