Northville Farmer’s Market and Local Food Hub

If you are missing those fresh fruits and vegetables from the Northville Farmer’s Market, know that they have taken extra steps and precautions to keep you safe.  The Market is still being held on Thursday at at the regular location across from Northville Downs. Some particular items of note are: List of Vendors and their… Read More »

Safety First!

Source Both Downtown Northville as well as the Northville Public Library have published their re-opening plans designed to re-engage the community but keep both patrons and workers safe.  The links to that information can be found below: Re-opening Plan for Downtown Northville Northville Public Library Re-Opening Plan    

Have you missed the newsletter?

Your editor, like everyone else, has been quarantined at home.  Unfortunately, this pandemic has had a major impact on my businesses so I had neither the time nor the energy to devote to the newsletter.  Now that things are calming down a bit, you should start seeing it a bit more regularly. Hope you and… Read More »

Update from the Board

As everyone in the Woodlands is aware, our irrigation system is still not operational and the lawns are suffering. In the late fall when work stopped on the project, everything was in place except the electrical for both the well pump and irrigation pump at the pond. During our mild winter, our electrician was able… Read More »

Things are Starting to Happen!

As the stay-at-home orders lifted, many of our local business are in dire need of your support.  You can read the local newsletters by clicking on the links below.  These will inform you of the business that are re-opening and the precautions that are being taken to protect both you and the workers.  If you… Read More »

We Have a Buyer!

If you are, or know of someone who might be thinking of selling their unit, we have a potential buyer. A woman call from Ohio looking for a ranch unit.  Her granddaughter went to look at it, but there are multiple offers on it and it ended up in a bidding war. ON THE MARKET… Read More »

Woodlands South Cancellation of Activites

In response to the pandemic,  the Board made the prudent decision to cancel the Garage Sale, Flamingle Mingle and Town Hall Meeting.  All of these events are normally held in at this time of year. We are going to try and reschedule the Flamingle Mingle, and possibly the garage sale,  for the fall as these… Read More »

Medicare expands Tele-medicine to Keep Senior Safe

We want every one of our Woodchucks to be safe.  Therefore, we are passing along this information so that you know there is an option other than going to the Doctor.  Remember, the Health department is suggesting that we do not go to your Doctors office or the hospital without calling first and discussing your… Read More »

Board of Directors Minutes – November 20, 2019

The Board of Directors Minutes from the November, 2019 meeting can be read in their entirety by clicking November 20, 2019.  Some items of note include: Election of Officers Trimming of Pine Trees visible from the Street Bidding for Asphalt Repairs in 2020