Michigan’s Move Over Law Has Been Expanded

Michigan’s Emergency Vehicle Caution Law, more commonly known as the Move Over Law, requires motorists to slow down and move over for stationary emergency vehicles with their lights activated. This month, the law was amended to require that when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with its emergency lights activated, motorists must carefully slow down to… Read More »

Sixth Amendment to Master-Deed

We all should have received in the mail a ballot to vote on the Sixth Amendment to the Master Deed. This amendment would permit the Board of Directors to invest in accounts that are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). For those who are not aware of this organization, much like the FDIC,… Read More »

Board of Directors Minutes

Board of Directors meeting minutes for the following two meetings can be read by clicking on the dates below: October 17, 2018 November 1, 2018 Please keep informed…..the proper functioning of our association is dependent upon the involvement of its community members. Some of the items discussed were: Increases in Reserve Fund contributions Well Project… Read More »

Telephone Scam Alert

Residents should be aware of a telephone scam which involves a caller identifying themselves as an IRS representative who demands the transferring of money cards to them to avoid arrest. Recently a resident in a neighboring community received this scam call which showed the call originating from 248 349-5100 which is the Northville Police Department Administrative… Read More »

Sump Pump Replacement Recommendation

One of our residents needs to replace his sump pump and is looking for recommendations. Please Contact the Communications Committee with your recommendations and we will be sure to get them posted in the next newsletter and add them to Woody’s List.

Duct Cleaner Recommendation

One of our residents Jim Yoder recommends AMISTEE AIR DUCT CLEANING AND INSULATION for Duct Cleaning. They are located in Northville and their number is 248-349-8877. Look for this to be added to Woody’s List.


Are you transitioning from driving to not driving? Living in a state heralded as the birthplace of the automobile industry, our love of cars and the freedom they represent is part of our culture. The prospect of losing that independence can be frightening to the point where we may deny or delay taking any action.… Read More »