Board Minutes

While the Board did not have any updates for the community for this newsletter, the June Board Meeting minutes can be read by clicking  June 2020

Update from the Board

We are operating the system(s) on a very basic schedule due to several factors: The cost of using city water is exorbitant, so we are watering conservatively. Secondly, the ground is hard due to lack of rainfall, therefore we want to apply the water at a slow rate until the soil has moisture and can… Read More »

Neighborhood Newsletters Week of August 2, 2020

Your editor and well as her grandchildren love blueberries and therefore, I have a blueberry bush growing in a pot on my deck. Well I couldn’t understand why all my blueberries were disappearing until I captured this little scoundrel climbing up and helping himself.  If he wasn’t so cute…… Northville City News Plymouth Weekly Update… Read More »

A little consideration please!

source We all love our dogs and also enjoy interacting with our neighbor’s dogs while out on walks.  However, we request that all members of our community be responsible pet owners.  No only does that entail picking up after your dogs, but it also involves being considerate of your neighbors.  While an occasional bark is… Read More »

We Have a Buyer

We have been contacted by a lovely couple from Livonia who is interested in purchasing a ranch in Woodlands South.  If you are thinking of selling your ranch in the near future, please  Contact the Communications Committee. It could save you a few dollars on real estate commissions!

For Sale – Euro Glass Shower Enclosure for Cape Unit

One of our residents has the following for Sale Euro Glass Shower Glass for Pulte Cape unit, for  larger shower option in master bathroom, floor size approx 35” x 45” includes all hardware – chrome Price $ 200.00 If interested please contact Fred Shield 248.444.3684

Northville District Library Upcoming Events

Virtual Concert Series with Pianist Jason Gong TUESDAY, JULY 28th from 7:00—8:00 dramatic classical program with works by Beethoven, Chopin, and Liszt! Sign on, sit back and relax to the soothing sounds of local pianist, Jason Gong. Ranging from classical to pop and show tunes, Jason will change up the program each week! Jason Gong… Read More »

Community Newsletters July 26, 2020

To keep you updated on the latest news and events for communities in our area, you can read the newsletters below by clicking on the link embedded within their names: Plymouth Downtown Authority Weekly Update Northville City News The Route  Provides information regarding all things “road” in and around Northville Township Inspire Northville Senior Citizens… Read More »


There were probably quite a few residents in the community who felt like doing this when the sprinklers finally came on! Be patient the control system for the sprinklers are new and controlled by computer.  Tweaking will be necessary.  There are also a number of sprinkler heads that still need to be repaired and/or replaced. … Read More »

Community Update from the Board

Until we are able to get our arms around the nature of the problem with the pumping station down by the retention basin, and more importantly the steps to eliminate the problem, the irrigation system is temporarily being hooked back up to municipal water.  You will note the contractor on site as he checks out… Read More »