41600 Six Mile Rd.
Northville, MI 48168
(248) 349 – 9400 (Non-Emergency)

For Emergencies Call 911

The Police Department is committed to making Northville Township the safest place to live and work. They feel that the best way to accomplish this is to form a partnership, with citizens, which emphasizes the prevention of crime. For that reasons they have a full time Community Liaison Officer who meets with the residents, property and business owners in Northville Township to discuss neighborhood issues and act as a facilitator to other government or community services.  The current contact information for the Community Liaison Officer can be found here.
Some of the primary duties of the Community Liaison Officer’s include creating awareness of important issues that impact the residents of Northville Township; providing crime prevention education including the distribution of informational material; assisting residents and business owners in implementing and maintaining Neighborhood Watch Programs; and finally, through continual dialog with residents and businesses determine current crime prevention and security measures.

Station Headquarters
45745 Six Mile Rd.
Northville, MI 48168
(248) 348 – 5807

For Emergencies Call 911

The Northville Township Fire department, which is staffed by full-time career firefighters, provides fire protection and Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Response for residents within Northville Township.  Woodlands South would be serviced from the fire station located on Six Mile Road directly West of Millennium Park.